Instruments and Bows

violin backJ.S. Holmes Fine Violins specializes in middle to high-end violins, violas, cellos, and bows for professionals, serious conservatory students and collectors. Please view a partial listing of instruments and bows currently available and contact me for additional details.

Old Instruments and Bows

Vintage instruments offered are those I feel have exceptional qualities. Classic Italian, Modern Italian, French, English, Hungarian and American makers are all represented within the collection at various times. A selection of vintage French and English bows is also maintained.

Contemporary Instruments and Bows

Today's professional makers produce superb instruments and bows that offer a wide variety of tonal palettes to the player. The instruments I produce are built using classic designs, materials and techniques. In addition, it is my pleasure to offer selected instruments and bows by other fine contemporary makers to enhance the choices available to my clients.

Instrument and Bow Search

It is not possible for even the largest shops to maintain an inventory that offers the “right” instrument or bow for all players at all times. If the appropriate item is not in stock, I offer a service that can help locate viable candidates available in the market. Please refer to the description of consultation services for more information.

View instruments and bows currently available (partial listing)