Currently Available

The instruments and bows listed below are a representative sampling of those currently available for purchase. Please contact J.S. Holmes for further details about these as well as additional instruments and bows.

Please note; The items above are only a partial listing of what is currently available. With the goal of privacy and discretion, full inventory is never listed on our website. Please contact us by phone or email to discuss your instrument and bow needs.
Violin, J. B. Vuillaume — Paris circa 1848
Stradivari model in excellent condition. SOLD
Violin, Riccardo Antoniazzi — Milan 1901
Violin, Carl Becker Sr. — Chicago 1946
Stradivari model.
Violin, David Van Zandt — Seattle 2014
An excellent, responsive, Guarneri model intrument from this west-coast maker.
Violin Bow, Eugene Sartory — Paris circa 1920-30
Ebony & silver-mounted.

violin bow, Pierre Simon — Paris circa 1860
An fine playing bow in excellent condition.

Cello Bow, Emile Ouchard — Chicago
Ebony & silver-mounted.